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Iron oxide yellow

Product description
Safety data sheet
Product SGS inspection report
123§ Product Appearance:Yellow powder
§ Chemical Classification:Synthesis Iron Oxide a-FeOOH
§ Pigment Index: Pigment Yellow 42 (77492)
§ CAS number :51274-00-1
§ EEC number:257-098-5
§ Molecular formula : Fe2O3·H2O
§ Product Performance
Tricyclic pigments have excellent physical and chemical properties. Strong hiding power, high tinting strength, soft color, stable performance, alkali resistance, stability to weak acid and dilute acid, excellent light and weather resistance, insoluble in water and organic solvents, excellent rust prevention Anti-ultraviolet and other effects.
§ main product model
Iron oxide yellow G313, G313-310, G313-330; orange G313-340, and the like.
Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd.
§  Product Usage
1. Iron oxide yellow pigment is suitable for use in various types of concrete prefabricated parts and building products as pigments or colorants, directly transferred into cement applications. Various indoor and outdoor colored concrete surfaces, such as walls, floors, ceilings, pillars, porches, pavements, parking lots, stairs, stations, etc.; such as tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles, panels, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble Wait.
2, iron oxide yellow pigment is suitable for various paint coloring and protective substances, including waterborne interior and exterior wall coatings, powder coatings, etc.; also applicable to oily paints including epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primers, putty and topcoat It can also be used in toy lacquer, decorative lacquer, furniture lacquer, electrophoretic lacquer and enamel (Note: not suitable for high temperature products over 170 °C).
3, iron oxide yellow pigment is suitable for the coloring of plastic products and rubber products, such as car inner tube, aircraft inner tube, bicycle inner tube and so on.
4. In addition, iron oxide yellow pigment can also be used for coloring paper and leather.
§ Product Application
The product has good dispersibility, stable storage, good compatibility with other components in the application system, and can enhance the rust and UV resistance of the paint;
Paint formula reference pigment amount: primer 20--30%; blend paint 15-25%; enamel 15-25% (excluding body pigment)
Water-based paint: Depending on the color, it can be configured in appropriate amount.
§ Pigment technical parameters and test methods: The product implements GB/T1863-2008 iron oxide pigment standard (MOD ISO1248:2006).

Metric name


Metric value

Test Method

Color difference △E




Relative tinting strength



Titanium dioxide dilute (1:10)

Iron content (expressed as Fe2O3)




Oil absorption




Sieve residue (325 mesh)




Water soluble matter




105 °C volatiles








1000°C/0.5h heat loss




Particle shape


Needle shape


Seismic density
















Heat resistance




The above are the main technical indicators of the products. For other indicators, please refer to the national standards of the products.
§ Iron Oxide Yellow Product Color Card:

Color Card


primary colors

Light color (TiO2: pigment = 5:1)

Iron oxide yellow G313

Iron oxide yellow G313-310

Iron oxide yellow G313-330

Orange G313-340

Since the actual conditions of use are outside our control, the application data provided by the company is for reference, research and comparison purposes only. Please be sure to apply the test when actually using it. The company has the final interpretation right.
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1, product features
Material properties: Basic oxides with relatively stable chemical properties, bright and pure color, good pigment properties, such as tinting strength, high hiding power. Light resistance is 7 to 8 grades. Insoluble in alkali, slightly soluble in acid, completely soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid. The thermal stability is poor. When the temperature is raised to 150-200 °C, the dehydration begins. When the temperature rises to 270-300 °C, the dehydration is rapid and becomes iron red Fe2O3 .
Product Name in Chinese: Iron oxide yellow
English name: Iron Oxide Yellow
Product common name: G313 iron yellow
Main uses of the product: cement construction, coatings, inks, rubber, plastics and paper.
2, composition / composition information:
Chemical composition: Fe2O3•H2O or FeOOH
Outside    View: Yellow Powder
Index number: 77492
CAS number: 51274-00-1
EEC number: 257-098-5
3, risk description
Description of danger: not dangerous
A detailed description of the hazards of the substance to humans and the environment: so far the product is not a substance that requires mandatory hazard marking.
4, first aid measures
After inhaling the substance: Fresh air should be taken immediately.
After skin contact with the substance: rinse with soapy water.
If the substance is inadvertently ingested: rinse with plenty of water for 10-15 minutes.
5. Fire Fighting Measures
Extinguish the source of fire by ordinary means; remove nearby dangerous goods, remove its burning residues, and ventilate to remove combustion gas products; without special protection, proper breathing apparatus may be necessary.
6. Accidental omissions
Reduce environmental pollution: Do not enter the public facilities, sewers or public areas.
Cleaning method/collection: When dust is generated, use a dry brush to clean.
7. Handling and storage methods
Take care to prevent the formation of dust when feeding.
Safe storage method: sealed to prevent dust from entering, isolated from flammable and explosive materials, because the product is not flammable, it can be stored in a cool, dry and sealed condition at room temperature.  
8. How to use and personal protection
Worker's protection: Take care to prevent the formation of dust when feeding.
Respiratory protection: Wear a dust mask when the product forms dust.
Eye protection: Wear eye mask/mask.
Body protection: Wear suitable protective clothing.
Hand protection: wear protective gloves
Other protection: Keep away from food, beverages and tobacco, wash your hands before and after work.
9, physical and chemical properties
Appearance and traits    :  yellow powder
Color          :  Brown Yellow
Odour          :  Tasteless
PH          : 3.5-7
Relative density      : 4.2g/cm3
Tap density      : 0.5g/cm3
Related safety data (varies with conditions)
Melting point:  1565 ° C (dissolved)
Flash point: Unknown
Flammability: Unknown
Explosive characteristics: Unknown
Saturated steam pressure:  unknown
10, Stability and Reactivity
The product performance is stable during normal conditions and will not be hazardous if handled as required.
11. Toxicity data
Practical experience: This product does not pose a hazard to the body, and can be given proper proper treatment and hygiene prevention.
12. Ecological data
Do not throw empty bags into the sewer or water without treatment. Do not store them in public warehouses.
13. Packaging Processing
Contaminated packaging should be thrown into a suitable garbage dump. The contaminated packaging must be emptied of all residues and properly cleaned, and the uncontaminated packaging can be recycled for the next round.
14. Transportation
Products are not classified as hazardous materials and can be transported on national/international roads, railings, oceans and air.
15. Restricted conditions
Hazard symbols and hazard indications: no danger symbols;
Additional data: A product that has not been used as a mandatory imprint so far.
16, other data
The company's existing product data is detailed. All data is based on existing theories, and we guarantee that the product does not have any characteristics of dangerous goods and does not affect the establishment of an effective contractual relationship.