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How to apply iron oxide pigments to the high-end coatings industry

With the advancement of science and the improvement of technology, the application field of classical inorganic pigment iron oxide has been further expanded, from the initial building materials and ro
With the advancement of science and the improvement of technology, the application field of classical inorganic pigment iron oxide has been further expanded, from the initial building materials and road paving to the high-end coating industry. However, in the highly demanding industries such as high-end coatings, traditional iron oxide pigment applications have encountered bottlenecks.
As one of the main drafters of the national standard GB/T1863-2008 for iron oxide pigments, the technology of China's largest iron oxide pigment production plant is the first. After long-term research by the technical department, our company has poor dispersion and suspension properties in iron oxide. The problem has a set of own solutions - the surface treatment of deep processing of iron oxide pigments, including two types of methods. 1: Preparation of iron oxide pigment paste This method solves the problem of dispersibility compared to the conventional direct addition of iron oxide to water. 2: Surface treatment of iron oxide pigment, the dispersibility problem is solved by reprocessing the fine particles on the surface of the iron oxide by equipment. This has basically broken through the bottleneck that iron oxide pigments should be used in the high-end coatings industry.
Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd. was established by the joint-stock reform of Pingtang Iron Oxide Pigment Factory in Wangcheng County. The company was founded in October 1965. It started in Xiaotang Workshop, which was founded by Yuanyuan County, and borrowed 1,000 yuan to produce and process waste engine oil. It has produced butter, soap, alkali block, fertilizer, pesticide and vegetable oleic acid. In 1974, the company officially embarked on the development path of producing iron oxide pigment as the leading product. It has developed into more than 500 employees, with assets of over 100 million yuan, annual production capacity of 40,000 tons, annual profit and tax of 20 million yuan, and annual foreign exchange income of 9 million yuan. The large-scale iron oxide pigment manufacturer is in a leading position in the same industry in the country. In October 1995, Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd. was established after the original Wangcheng County Pingtang Iron Oxide Pigment Factory was restructured.
After a 44-year production process in Pingtang Town, Wangcheng County, the company had to withdraw from the Pingtang Old Industrial Base in October 2008 due to the geographical location and the full implementation of the construction of the Dahexi Pilot District of the Changsha Municipal People's Government. In July, the company officially launched the overall relocation of the new project, with a total investment of 180 million yuan to relocate the company to the Guancheng Circular Economy Industrial Base in Wangcheng, Changsha. The company's overall relocation and new construction project was officially completed and put into operation in June 2011. Through the overall overall planning and layout, the company has built a new modern enterprise in the same industry with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons through the one-time overall planning and layout, with the aim of “energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, resource recycling and advanced process equipment”. The iron industry symbol demonstration enterprise, the comprehensive strength of the country is among the best in the same industry.