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Wangcheng Tongguan recycling economy industrial base, Changsha, Hunan

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Tricyclic pigments won the title of China Paint's 100-year Top 100 Enterprises

Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd. won the title of Top 100 Enterprises in China for 100 Years! Sincerely thank all of you for your concern and support for the three-ring pigments! Our Sanhuan people mus
Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd. won the title of Top 100 Enterprises in China for 100 Years! Sincerely thank all of you for your concern and support for the three-ring pigments! Our Sanhuan people must continue to work hard, to establish a national brand of iron oxide industry, and strive to build a three-ring century old factory struggle!
The China Paint Industry's 100-year 100-strong selection campaign sponsored by China Coatings Industry Association has received great support and high attention from participating companies and friends from all walks of life since its inception. As of September 30, 2015, the organizing committee has received 5.8 million votes WeChat vote.
The China Paint Industry Top 100 Enterprises Selection Committee hereby expresses heartfelt thanks to the units and individuals who participated in the voting. The selection rules are based on the number of valid WeChat votes (40% weight), contribution to the development of the coatings industry (weight 35%), whether it is “China Famous Brand” (weight 10%), and whether it is “China Chemical Industry”. "Famous brands" and / or "China's coatings brand list" (weight 5%) and corporate credit rating evaluation (weight 10%) comprehensively selected "China's coating industry 100-year-old enterprises."
The awards ceremony of the top 100 award-winning enterprises will be held in Beijing on October 20, 2015. Warm congratulations will be given to the award-winning enterprises, and we look forward to witnessing this exciting moment together, wishing the top 100 enterprises to be strong and strong, and to promote and support the Chinese coating industry. Upgrade development. The specific list of the top 100 companies is as follows (sorted by the first phonetic alphabet of the company name).
China's coating industry top 100 companies
(Note: sorted by the first phonetic alphabet of the company name)
Akzo Nobel Taikoo Paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Axalta Coating Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Anhui Phoenix Coating Technology Co., Ltd.
Anhui Linghu Coating Co., Ltd.
Anhui Golden Shield Coatings Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hongshi Paint Industry Co., Ltd.
Beijing Saideli Technology Co., Ltd.
Lily Flower Group Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Three Gorges Paint Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Jiangnan Chemical Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Yuhui Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Guanghui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Dalian Yuxiang Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Dabao Chemical Products Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Caizhihong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Fujian Dezhixian Environmental Protection New Material Co., Ltd.
Fujian Haodi Coating Technology Co., Ltd.
Fujian Tenglong Industrial Company
Fujian Xinzhanwang Group Co., Ltd.
Fenghua Yulong Chemical New Material Co., Ltd.
Foshan Shunde Badfu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Fusite New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Sifang Weikai New Material Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Huarun Coating Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Bardez Chemical Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Hualong Coating Industry Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Qiansehua Chemical Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Chiba Pine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Huilong Coating Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Wuyang Paint Co., Ltd.
Haihong Senior Paint (China) Co., Ltd.
Marine Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd
Hefei Xuyang Aluminum Pigment Co., Ltd.
Hebei Chenyang Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd.
Henan Yulilian Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hunan Xiangjiang Coating Group Co., Ltd.
Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd
Huizhou Changrunfa Coating Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Farley Chemical Coating Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Chenguang Coating Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Elephant East Asia Paint Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Sanmu Group Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Lanling Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Li Wenjia Chemical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Shuangle Chemical Pigment Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Yuxing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Hongliu Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jiabaoli Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
Jiangmen Riyang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.
Jiangmen City Paint Factory Co., Ltd.
Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
Clivia Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Libang Investment Co., Ltd.
Lanzhou Ketian Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Changjiang Coating Co., Ltd.
Nantong Zhengyi Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Sanwei Chemical Co., Ltd.
Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Huayi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Baolijia Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Haiyue Coating Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Huasheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Zhongnan Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Shandong Pentium Paint Co., Ltd.
Shandong Daon Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
Shandong Lehua Paint Industry Co., Ltd.
Shandong Qilu Paint Industry Co., Ltd.
Shandong Yili Paint Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Jiayufeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Lianglong Coating Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Haichuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Jingjiang Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shenyang Jinfeima Paint Co., Ltd.
Shenyang Zhangming Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shijiazhuang City Paint Factory
Suzhou Jiren High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.
Sanshu Paint Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Lighthouse Coating Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Hao Paint Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Linuo Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Jingjian Paint Co., Ltd.
Northwest Yongxin Coating Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Guke Coatings Group Co., Ltd.
Xinhe New Materials Co., Ltd.
Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd.
Yingkou Baoshan Ecological Coating Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Chuanhua Coating Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Bridge Paint Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Fei Whale New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Fenghong New Material Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Xiaguang Coating Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Yutong New Materials Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan Bridge Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan Ali Master Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
China Paint (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Zhanchen Coating Group Co., Ltd.
Bauhinia Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Zibo Jiafeng Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd.